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Episode 7: Spence Griffeth
September 1, 2018

I met Spence Griffeth a few years back when we bonded over his NOFX shirt. Cool. He is a Dallas-born comedian who's super funny, super smart and has lived in Southern California for the past 10 years. In this episode, I talk to him about stand-up in the San Fernando Valley, philosophy, interesting takes over how the world is becoming a better place even if it isn't apparent. Follow him on the social medias at @spence_not_spencer

Episode 6: Brandon Scott Wolf
April 28, 2018

"He died the way he lived. In an apartment with a gas leak." -- @BrandonEsWolf

Brandon Scott Wolf is a self-described college educated bartender.  To others though, he is one of the funniest and hardest working comedians/writers in New York.  His work ethic and attention to his craft has been utilized as a contributor for the Weekend Update of Saturday Night Live as well as a staff writer on NBC's Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris.  In addition to his contributions to television as well as Funny Or Die and the comedy scene at his alma mater Penn State, is websites DateBrandonScottWolf.com, FightBrandonScottWolf.com and the more recent FollowBrandonScottWolf.com have all been met with critical acclaim from social media users all over the globe,  He has also been featured on Ellan and Lopez Tonight.  I've known him for as long as I've been doing comedy and not going to lie, in addition to all of this, he happens to be a super cool dude which some might say is the most important credit of all!

I was in New York last September and recorded this for another podcast that fell through, but the truth is, I got a lot of life lessons out of this talk and hope aspiring creatives can gain more drive to work on hopefully drawing similar parallels to Brandon's rather unique career path he has forged in the 8 years he's been on this path.

Follow his on-goings and hilarious tweets at @BrandonEsWolf.  If you're in New York, this man is a must see.  He's in LA for a few months and highly advise comedy fans in and around the city of brotherly angels (term coined by BoJack Horseman) to check him out while he's still here.

Episode 5: David Green of Moonraker
March 14, 2018

David Green is a pretty good friend of mine.  I met him in Durham, NC while I was doing merch for my friends in Up For Nothing since moving here, we've grown super tight.  He has been on the road with his band Moonraker who are frankly really really good.  They're soon going to be visiting Japan for a few shows and I caught up with him in my car behind the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater after a Jawbreaker show where we talked for a very long time.  Pretty cool, right?  Listen to their album Fail Better on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes or wherever music can be heard.

Moonraker can be found on several different avenues of social media at @MookrakerPunx

Episode 4: Alex Bondarev of A Moment's Worth and Conversing With Oceans
January 20, 2018

Back in my late teens to mid-twenties when, I was in bands and going to shows all over New York City in places, anywhere from dingy rock clubs to backyards shows and was exposed to a lot of great music.  Most notable of those stages was in the basement of the First Lutheran Church of Throggs Neck in the Bronx  during my years working for The Bronx Underground.  To the average music listener, The Bronx wasn't known as a hub for rock music but for many years, they threw packed all ages shows and one of the bands leading the scene was A Moment's Worth, a band to me were the bridge between Brand New and NOFX.  Albums like Ironic Last Words and Start Where You Are were pivotal content in the soundtrack to my upbringing and you should be listening if you aren't already.

This discussion that was recorded a few months back and Alex Bondarev took a break from conversing with oceans to converse with me about remaining determined in the wake of constant failure, empathy and being stoked for others, social justice in the wake of Harvey Weinstein, as well as our dear friend Richard who was just great.  Find his bands on the social media circuit at @amomentsworth and @WithOceans

Episode 3: Amanda Cohen
January 14, 2018

Amanda Cohen has been doing comedy since the late 1980s/early 1990s and was an ally in the gay rights movement early on.  We talk PC culture, the gay rights movement, her early days booking shows in Pittsburgh, her love for Law & Order, her time in a punk rock glee club during her days living in Chicago, amongst a bajillion other things.  This conversation went all over the place and it's a great listen.  I am lucky to call her my friend.  She is bright, incredibly insightful, just an overall great human being and you can find her on Twitter at @amandacohen27

Episode 2: Jimmy Calloway
January 7, 2018

Jimmy is a San Diego-born stand-up comedian and writer and I spoke with him in my car around the corner from the UCB Theater on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood.  I knew him for a while and our mutual punk rock upbringings allowed us to bond over a ton of great bands like Dillinger Four, Rocket From The Crypt, you name it.   In this discussion we talk music, where to find the best Mexican food in San Diego (spoiler alert, I say it's Ray's) and dating while everything feels like a mess.  You can follow my friend Jimmy on the social medias at @jimmytheworm

Episode 1: Art Hernandez
December 31, 2017

I've known comedian Art for some time.  My moving to LA was brought to his attention from a mutual friend in New York City and we first crossed paths at the Westside Comedy Theater, a wonderful club in Santa Monica that he calls his home base.  In the inaugural episode of Stillwater Los Angeles, me and Art sit in my car behind The Cinema Bar in Culver City and discuss Disney Movies, the different approaches to getting better as a young comic amongst other things and in case you are wondering, you can find Art on Twitter and the Instagram at @ArtOfHernandez