11.7.2018 - Van Nuys Comedy Club @ Springbok Bar & Grill, 9:00PM - Van Nuys CA, CA



April 28, 2018

For the handful that's been listening, sorry I'm behind recording and uploading new Stillwater LA episodes.  It's been a busy few months for me and I also feel like I'm letting out some sort of narcissistic energy into the world every time I record and upload one which hinders my desire to make time for doing them.  I don't know.  I'll get over that.  Anywho, more interviews coming your way.  Other than that, I usually always have upcoming shows in LA in the event you wanna say hi.

Hope all is well, 

- Ian

About ian

Ian Russo got his start grinding away at open mics in the Brooklyn alt comedy scene during the early 2010's.  Years later he would relocate to Los Angeles where he would write and produce a boatload of independent sketch and short films with a ton of immensely talented and wonderful people.