I am a New York City-born Los Angeles-based writer, filmmaker, comedian, fooder, fantasy football snark, and proud alumnus of the punk scene.

I am also the booker for and one of a small handful of co-producers of Sillibuster Comedy second Sunday of every month at Burbank VFW.

If you’re a comedian with inquiries on getting booked, send a tape/press/bio/whatever to SillibusterComedy@gmail.com. I do put in a concerted effort to watch all that comes my way. All else ian@ianrussocomedy.com.


5/14 - HaHa Comedy Club, 8PM , Los Angeles, CA ($5 before the show, $10 at the door)

5/26 - Kings & Jokers @ Sycamore Tavern (Dojo of Comedy), 8PM, Los Angeles, CA ($10)

5/30 - The Comic’s Table @ VSpot Organic, 9PM, New York City, NY

6/1 - Acoustics Under the Stars @ McDermots, 7PM, Bronx, NY (FACEBOOK RSVP)

6/9 - Sillibuster Comedy @ Burbank VFW, 7:30PM, Burbank, CA (FACEBOOK RSVP / EVENTBRITE RSVP / ADD TO iCALENDAR)

6/19 - Comedy Lounge Wednesdays @ Goucho’s Village, 8PM, Glendale, CA

6/26 - Angel City Brewery, 7:30PM, Los Angeles, CA

7/14 - Silibuster Comedy @ Burbank, VFW, 7:30PM, Burbank, CA

All shows free and all ages unless listed otherwise.